Acceptance of reality is the only way forward for Liverpool

“For me the ambition is to grow higher. We are 11 points off second and that can all turn around very quickly so you need to get consistency – and that is what we have at the minute.” – Brendan Rodgers said on Friday before the match against Aston Villa.

Now, follow the next two quotes he had to say after the 3-1 defeat on Saturday at Anfield.

“That was probably as disappointing as we’ve been here but I couldn’t put my finger on it,” he said.

“It is a strange thing football. We were talked up all week about us being top-four material but we know within the group we still have a long way to go.”

So, finally it has struck Brendan Rodgers. It is a lesson well learnt for him.

Liverpool are a big club and they should have that mentality no matter how bad is the situation. But, one thing the club must need now is  acceptance of reality. Liverpool are not among the top six clubs in the country and that’s because they are not better than those clubs. But, they can turn their fortunes and they have to. If the manager cannot have any measures of this acceptance of reality how are the fans expected to?

He is talking about top two? After two back to back league victories only he was talking about closing 11 points gap? Giving your team this false sense of hope is the last thing Liverpool need.

The club is going through a transition phase. Any re-building process needs time and hopefully Rodgers is the right man who will take the club forward if he is given sufficient funds.

He is right in the end – “we still have a long way to go”. This acceptance, no matter how hard it is, that Liverpool are not quite up there yet for even a top four finish will only urge them to do better. It will only force them to work harder and regain the lost honour. But, with feet flying over the ground day dreaming like delusional fans will only result in backward steps. High ambition is always good if it has a solid foundation and if it backed by proper means. High ambition without doing the ground work is just another example of building castles in the air.

2 comments to Acceptance of reality is the only way forward for Liverpool

  • Joe

    Reina should have gone long time ago and BR should not have been brought in. His past performances are not enough. For LFC to gain glory again they need to bring a trophy minded manager like Guardiola before Arsenal or mu get him. LFC are not buying nor selling the right way. Just bring Guardiola in and LFC will be back into money making machine and trophies winner.

  • chalmers

    I rather think that many fans already do accept the reality of the situation. We are a second class premiership side and appear to have little means to improve on that. It would appear that the management hold different views to this and have a rather unrealistic idea that they will enter the top 6 “club” by means of astute buying and costs-savings. Alas this idea is wholesome only if one can depend on the staff responsible for finding and acquiring suitable players. We do not seem to have such staff.Coupled to this inability to find nominees is the confusion of required low costing. If one buys like a lower division team then one gets lower division results and no amount of insisting otherwise by the management shows otherwise.

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