Arsenal must not have any expectation ahead of Bayern tie

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said he is really worried that his players might not recover mentally if his team suffer defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

The Frenchman said as quoted in the press:

“I’m not worried about us coming back against Bayern, I’m more worried about consequences that could manifest themselves in our players.”

For a club like Arsenal, the expectations are always going to be high, no matter what the situation. The players who wear the famous jersey for the club are expected to give their best shot each and every time.

Likewise, against Bayern, though hope is against them, the Gunners are expected to at least mount a serious fight for the match.

Arsenal already lost 3-1 on their home turf and against a quality opposition like Bayern, to turn the deficit and get victory is almost an impossible task.

Therefore, Arsenal should not keep any expectations (high or low) at all for their own good only. In all probability they will be defeated and it would be too hard to swallow that if they enter the match with any kind of expectations.

Top four finish is their main priority (though are seven points behind Spurs) this season and they should simply focus on clinching that spot.

2 comments to Arsenal must not have any expectation ahead of Bayern tie

  • Jean T

    If there is a good comedian is Monsieur Wenger! This is the same man who knew very well before January that his team will be facing Germany team in Champions league. He had a good and ample time to invest and thus revamp his team beforehand. What did he do? He sat and reluctantly refused to buy prayers who could’ve improved Arsenal. See now The same Wenger is crying! Why is he stubborn? Fans worldwide are affected negatively and this man continues to behave as if nothing bad is happening on his team or fans. My final concern is about the owners or board members of Arsenal. Where are these men and women who used to be ambitious and proud of their team? Now Arsenal is fading away being beaten by any team and nobody among these people is taking responsibilities and measures. Something is terribly wrong and soon it will be exposed. Please fans remain United and keep what can help our team stand again to be feared and beat opponent easily and fairly. Board members please wake up, thanks

  • Chris Black

    So according to you they shouldn’t turn up then! To think you actually posted this!

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