Before Arsenal can progress they must sack their manager first

Arsenal have won three out of their last four Premier League games and are just four points behind fourth placed Tottenham Hotspur.

Club legend Thierry Henry has said in an interview that fans and pundits are not giving Arsene Wenger, the due respect he deserves. In all probability, Wenger will take Arsenal into top four yet again, but is that enough?

He was a hugely successful figure at the North London club but under his guidance Arsenal have last won any silverware almost nine years ago.

While one section of fans feels that he is still the right man for the club. He has kept Arsenal in good shape by providing regular Champions League football and has kept the club self sufficient from the financial point of view as well.

There are other group of supporters who feel enough is enough. Mere participation in Champions League doesn’t add any glory. Also, each and every season some top players are leaving Arsenal and the club is losing its winning mentality.

Arsenal are stuck in a limbo at the moment and progress is no more an objective development for them. Thereby, keeping all the sentiments aside, the Gunners must bid farewell to Wenger and bring an exciting new manager in place.

15 comments to Before Arsenal can progress they must sack their manager first

  • h4rj

    We are in the middle of his eigth season not nealy nine years. I think he has had to compete with Russian Ogliarchs and Middle Eastern billionaires turning the EPL into a monopoly game whilst at the same time living with the constraints of funding a new stadium and creating a 100 year legacy for the club. Still think the Champions league spot is not enough?

    Did you also think theo had no end product?

    Did you moan about van persie being a ‘sick note’ footballer?

    Did you think that pires was a ponce and not up to the physical side of the game?

    Bet you changed your mind every time and it looks like you will again now that you are writing articles in the fashion of a hopeful spud.

  • Thumb Up!!! One of the best post i have read for years now.

  • Thumb Up!!! One of the best post i have read for years now..

  • Los Arsenalistas

    Firstly; it’s almost 8 years, not almost 9, as the last trophy was won in 2005.

    Secondly; Arsenal have not had any money to spend since 2006, due to building a new stadium, and won’t until this coming summer, when the renegotiated sponsorship money comes in.

    So for Wenger to maintain Champions League football in the meantime is nothing short of a miracle – most clubs that build a new stadium end up relegated!

    Just take a look at Spurs, who have failed to maintain Champions League football during that period, despite having spent far in excess of Arsenal and have yet to even start work on their new stadium.

  • old timer

    What a load of rubbish. ave you nothing else to write about. Only Tiny Tots those of simple brains or no football knowledge would write this twaddle.

  • Zed

    Firstly, you’re pretty late on this issue.
    Secondly, if Arsene loses the job, Arsenal will fall. We’ll probably end up fighting for a Europa seat.
    We might’ve lost a lot of players in recent years but we’ve leeched on to the ‘British Core’ and these guys are more than capable of filling our trophy cabinets.
    Thirdly, there isn’t a manager in the world who can do what Arsene is doing. You might say Pep but that guy is off to Munich for the next three years and till then. Jose isn’t even an option given his blue-link.
    I reiterate this again, no other manager achieve what Arsene has achieved. Period.

  • Aziz, KL-Malaysia

    Bring an “exciting new manager” like who ? Harry Rednose, spending 200M before ending in bottom 5 ?
    Show me 1 club who has financed a 60K stadium itself, brought out numerous worldclass players, 17 years in the CL cos in the top 4 – and here we have someone shouting for a “new” manager ?
    Sorry, I keep my cool and won’t type the words I would love to use as comment. Ridiculous !

  • Gunner112

    Give me one good reason y i shouldn’t kick ur ass hard for writing such an article.

  • Oguntuase Amos

    Why don’t you issue the sack letter and install the candidate of your choice. How many managers all over Europe are better than Wenger? Even the myth of Mourinho is broken already. Commentators need to shun personal bias and make submission based purely on facts.

  • John chibuzor njoku

    We need robeto di matio(rmd) wenger only breaks ma heart…by sellin our star players…enough is enough:am tired of heart breaks..van p…has gone to win tropy in united bcos Arsenal does nt av a future in winn silva wear.wenga is only decivn d fans

  • conkamp

    Truth hurts!!!but I couldn’t agree more with you! I have been saying this for a long time and the last few months proved me right. Wenger coming out and openly saying that playing champs lge is a trophy itself is proof he is tired,out of touch and nolonger zealous for glory. Plus..he accepting van persie to go to a domestic rival in the shape of utd,well..that killed him to far as am concerned,wenger is dead to me

  • miebaka

    Arsen wenger is a good manager,but my team(arsenal) lacks agressiveness & consistency,we should be more determine,because we have the manpower,the flare & the name. I love my team & i wish them the remaining possible trophy! Goodluck Arsenal!

  • doctore

    Thierry,Thierry,you left to win trophies when you discovered he had started losing it,which in all honesty,if you had stayed with AFC you might not have won the UCL,but to tell us not to criticise him,when you did is just hypocritical,you are one of our club legends please remain that…

  • Any change is a good thing but Wenger would have done better is the best players were patients and were willing to give him time to rebuild the team, rather than leaving.

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