Chelsea defence cannot cope with Europe’s best.

There has been much said about the attacking qualities at Chelsea and how their playing great and entertaining football, But not much has been said about how poor the defence is against some of the best teams in Europe.

So far Chelsea have had a great start to the Season, but When they come up against strikers that are considered top-class, the back-line cannot handle the pace and movement of the opposition.

The Chelsea defence is lacking leadership right now, they do not know what they are doing and during the game at the weekend, they looked all over the place.

David Luiz was his usual unsteady self, Gary Cahill was lacking match sharpness and Ashley Cole was no-where to be seen in the defensive part of the field during the first half, though he did get better in the second period. Branislav Ivanovic had an ok game until his sending off but he has been one of the blues best defenders this season and he will be missed.

If Chelsea boss Roberto di Matteo wants to win things this season, then he has to work on making that back line more solid, and in my opinion the best options would be to drop David Luiz from the line-up and give Gary Cahill more of a chance when Captain John Terry returns.

He should also tell Cole that he doesn’t need to spend so much time attacking anymore, as the players in front of him are some of the best in Europe.

Chelsea’s defending is awful at times and boss Di Matteo needs to sure that line up if he wants to compete against the big boys.

4 comments to Chelsea defence cannot cope with Europe’s best.

  • Jake

    I disagree with sitting Luiz when Terry returns, I would sit Cahill, besides his ability to score he does seem to be the weaker of the back pair, Luiz is better at reading the game and it seems Cahill only makes last second tackles as he seems to be getting beat. I would move Ivanovic into the middle to partner Luiz and once Terry returns just move Ivanovic or Luiz to the right. 

  • Jay

    I have a better idea, i think – why not SWITCH DAVID LUIS’S POSITION FOR IVANOVIC’S? I mean, david luis’s skill, piercing runs and crosses would be useful on the right flank, and his mistakes will be less costly out there. On the other hand, ivanovic’s composure and good reading of the game would be extremely useful in the centre. Afterall, he said at the beginning of the season that he wants to play at THE CENTRE OF DEFENCE. I think that would be a good idea.

  • I want to believe Luiz should be rested 4 Cahil to continue playing in his position.

  • I totally agree with u. Chelsea s defence is a total joke and they need to bench luiz

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