Defoe disappoints big time when Tottenham need him

Jermain Defoe is the best striking option Tottenham have at the moment. Indeed, what other options have they?

Gareth Bale has been sensational this season and Spurs have been reaping his goal scoring exploits but he is not an out-an-out striker. Adebayor has been a total flop since his permanent move from Manchester City. Therefore Defoe remains the lone option in Andre Villas-Boas’s 4-2-3-1 formation.

Defoe started the season very well and goals were coming from his boots on a regular basis. However, post-Christmas, his form has dipped considerably (injuries played a part too) and currently struggling to find goals.

The English man has 10 league goals to his name but his last goal came in the Boxing Day fixture against Aston Villa. That’s quite a long time.

Defoe is a natural finisher but he is never a good dribbler nor does he have great technical abilities. He is more of a typical British striker who loves to score goals through long range shots and powerful drives.

There lies the big problem. Being tactically not-so-smart, his game is easily closed down by tactically smart opponents. Against Liverpool, he managed only two shots, out of which one was on target but has only played 14 passes in the entire match.

In a tight game like this where both the teams are desperate to outscore each other, involvement of a striker is equally important.

On the contrary take the example of Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge who played in similar position of 4-2-3-1, being positioned at the apex. Sturridge has made 25 passes with three long ball attempts. The former Chelsea man wasn’t spectacular on Sunday, but his overall performance was much better than Defoe’s.

3 comments to Defoe disappoints big time when Tottenham need him

  • Declan

    You mentioned out option! if Bale wants to make the move infield permanently from the wing then the lone striker is his option. for all his talents he is not the nibble footed cf/cam link player. Bale is the player ‘he’ would be at the end of the link. at 6ft1, pace to burn, heading ability, shoot on sight mentality he is the £50m striker the fans have been crying out for! play Bale up top, Holtby in the Cf role, Siggurdson out left, Lennon on the right, Sandro(when fit) and Dembele in the middle, Walker right, Bae left, Kaboul(when fit) and Vertonghen at the back, and Lloris. Sell defoe and Adebayor, buy Higuan? promote Kane/Coulibally, Townsend to return next season buy an Ince/Forrest. Sell Thudd, Parker, Dempsey?, sign Moutinho, promote Carroll, recall Rose, release Gallas. have a 23 man squad of: St – Bale, Higuan, Kane/Coulibaly. Cf – Holtby, Siggurdson. wingers – Lennon, Townsend, Forrest/Ince, mids – Dembele, Sandro, Moutinho, Carroll, Livermore. Rb the Kyles, Lb BAE Rose; Cd- Kaboul, Vertonghen, Dawson, Caulker. Gk – Lloris, Friesel, ne-other. Done.

  • Revival

    I have never rated defoe ever! to inconsistant for my liking. His never awhare of his positioning hence always being offside. Doesnt or unable to pick out a pass hence he always shoots whether theirs 11men between him and the goal. Levy is very lucky that bale has come on a bundle with his goals as i hold him accountable for our situation…..

  • I could not agree more.Spurs are building a great team but sadly lack strike’ing power.I mentioned this in the last transfer windiow,if they want to challenge the best clubs in Europe they must buy Leandro…and soon.

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