Fifa to be investigated by the Swiss to protect their nations reputation

Trouble now looms at Fifa HQ after the Swiss government announced that they will investigate all sporting bodies over corruption claims that currently are headquartered in their country.

At the very least the Swiss government will remove the protection afforded to the sporting bodies with regards to corruption and remove their exemption from anti-corruption laws.

The announcement was mad yesterday and is long overdue.

At best they will expose Fifa for what they are, a corrupt body that has been effectively stealing hundreds of millions and taking backhanders like they were candy.

Fifa had a cushy number before the voting took place, but not no more, they have really shot themselves in the foot this time and the clean hands at Fifa only need to look at a few of their own vice presidents to see who to blame, men like Jack Warner and Julio Grondona.
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In fact Warner himself is doing Fifa no favours at all, by admitting publicly that Fifa had decided beforehand not to give England the right to host the world cup because of the media exposing corruption has only confirmed the belief that Fifa is corrupt to the core.

But it was the vote that gave the 2022 world cup to Qatar and the secret meetings with Vladamir Putin that have really thrown the cat among the pigeons.

Only the Anti English, Russians and Qatari’s now believe the vote was fair, everyone else KNOWS it was anything but.

1 comment to Fifa to be investigated by the Swiss to protect their nations reputation

  • peter

    Fifa should be hurt in its pockets. All football teams should break away from fifa run competition and form a new league outside of FIFA. (easier said than done) It is because of FIFA that football is getting a bad name and the game is no longer clean fun. IF all viewvers and clubs boycott FIFA hosted programs including all kinds of wrold cup/club/ age group tournaments.. then a clear and strong signal can be sent to FIFA.

    By the way, Is Blatter and co blatantly corrupt? can anyone prove it? I do not have evidence

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