Roman Abramovich is all about glossing Chelsea up. It’s like the club is a super model, Roberto Di Matteo its makeup artist and the players the accessories that drape the girl. You can’t really argue that Chelsea is filthy rich and when money is involved, players have to be super careful lest they’re exchanged for shinier, newer items of display.

Okay, enough with the metaphors. John Terry and Ashley Cole have to tread lightly at Chelsea. Aging defenders with recently bad publicity puts a dull matte to the club and Roman Abramovich isn’t what I would call the shy non-controversial type of owner. Ashley Cole has been dipped in hot water since his FA outburst while John Terry has been boiling for some time now.

With fresh young players taking the club forward it’s only a matter of time before the owner reevaluates the player’s worth to the club against their ailing publicity. Ashley Cole, arguably one of the best left backs in world football is in his last year of contract and with PSG knocking louder at the door; he may opt for a move soon. Whilst Ashley Cole would be missed by the Blues, there simply isn’t a comparison when it comes to John Terry. He joined the club as a boy, captained them through the most glorious years in their history and has spoken of his desire to manage the team one day.

Axing both players would be massive but not unheard of. Remember that prolific striker, what was his name, Drogba? It seems lately Roberto Di Matteo has been hinting that the Russian owner regards the clubs standards above all and if that’s anything to consider then don’t be surprised by anything that happens which doesn’t fit that shape.

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