If Liverpool get it right in the winter transfer window top 4 is still a possibility

Liverpool’s home defeat at the hands of Aston Villa on Saturday exposes the club’s problems clearly. It was an embarrassing performance from the Reds to say the least as they were defeated 3-1 by the visitors. Players ran out of steam and clearly Anfield needed some inspiration which was absent.

It’s harsh to criticize Brendan Rodgers here. Roy Hodgson also earned 22 points from 17 games and obviously few can compare the situation here. Rodgers is a bit dogmatic in his approach. He is a typical template manager. He has a pre-conceived idea and he never backs from that.  The greatest strength of a good manager is his nature of adaptability, which we can’t say about Rodgers at the moment. Liverpool need to give him time and most importantly resources to help him lay the foundation.

If the owners, FSG, are serious about Rodgers and the club and if they really believe in long term plans they must back him up with funds in January. This squad is bereft of quality players upfront. It’s almost ludicrous to think that Rodgers will get the best out of players who are not good enough for the club anymore.

This January is therefore vital for Liverpool. If the owners really believe Rodgers is the right man for the club, they need to provide him the money. They need to give him the best support so that he can redevelop the team in his own frame. And without the injection of money the Reds won’t be coming anywhere close to mounting a challenge for top four.

2 comments to If Liverpool get it right in the winter transfer window top 4 is still a possibility

  • Forget Liverpool. Some idiot Qouted Liverpool outright favoutite at 4/11 to beat Aston Villa, I qouted Liverpool 16/1 and has no takers, Is there a place for Liverpool in the Chamionship nesxt season?????????????????????????

  • Abraham

    Going by how Rodgers spent £30 in the summer and the players havent improved the team. Why do you think he can create a winning team to his frame? He has no history or experience at winning.

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