Keeping John Terry and Frank Lampard could end up costing Jose Mourinho his job

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is looking to build a formidable Blues side once again; however a few of his options might go a long way in undermining his efforts. The names in question are certainly those of Chelsea veterans John Terry and Frank Lampard.

It is no secret that Terry is past his prime now, and is mostly in the news for all the wrong reasons. His performances have taken a backseat due to his frequent injuries and suspensions, and having him in the dressing room is no longer an asset due to his present mediocrity and occasional poisonous influence on the squad.

Moving on to Lampard, the Englishman is known to be an occasional whiner whenever the boss chooses others over him to feature in the first team. He does not hesitate to point a finger at the manager and give rise to a hostile environment within the team to get his own way, and the fact that he behaved that way with ex-managers Andre Villas-Boas and Rafael Benitez prove that he can resort to the same steps with Mourinho if the Portuguese doesn’t hand him regular chances – which is pretty much expected given the calibre of the present generation of Blues’ players.

Hence, having the aforementioned duo in the team might do more harm than good to the team, and might reduce their chances of winning silverware this season. Mourinho would have to find a way out of this mess and offload them both, if he wishes to maintain the integrity of the team and save his job in the process.

21 comments to Keeping John Terry and Frank Lampard could end up costing Jose Mourinho his job

  • Cytimann

    Stop creating non-existent tension at the bridge

  • I think i suport ur advice, Jose Mourinho should b careful with those two English guys

  • Joey joey

    Thats the weakest of assumptions ive eva read.dnt mke pple thnk ders no wisdom atached to growin old with such preposterous postulation.terry and lampard r integral to dis team.u shud b an envious fan frm man u.

  • ysf

    I believe both players are mature & will appreciate that the Team success is superior to their personal desires so as to accord the manager’s decisions some respect.

  • CFC


  • Ub john

    i agree with d writter, those two legend has to go cuz they hv pass their best, and d will infleunce the team negatively if they r not choose to play always.

  • David Shepherd Mutambirwa

    These two guys should have been given some ceremonial posts in the club, away from the dressing room. Lampard could add some value BUT check all his comments in the last 3 years its about wanting to play in EVERY match. The two demotivate young players as they are seen as getting preferential treatment

  • joseph

    I complety agree with your views. I will point also that Mourinho affirm he is responsible for Lampard stay decide.
    I though this was a wise manager but his soberb tells us all previous managers were wrong about this duo but him.
    The studborn Jose is going to play thi fellows until ruinning Chelsea campaign.
    Having this pair on the pitch is a disrespect for Luis, Cahill, Ivanovic. and Mata, Oscar, Hazard , Ramirez, De Bruine who are clearly better performers.
    I love legends like Lampard and Drogba
    but it does not mean i will like them on the pitch now.
    and for Terry he can photoshop his face every week to fake he is playing.

  • I think chelsea should leave the 2 english man

  • I think chelsea shoulD leave the 2 english man they are legend of the club mostly frank lampad. And john terry

  • Gmailer

    This piece has just spoken my mind. JT and FL should do the most honorable and bow out when when ovation is loudest.

  • Emeka

    Why would Lampard and Terry be a problem, u tend to forget dat Mourinho in also a Chelsea legend, so they won’t bother to try nonsense


  • Tony-Anthony

    The writer spoke like a man with wisdon,with the kind of squard Chelsea is trying to build, i don’t think JT and FL are still needed in the team.FL will like to be in every match because of world cup.FL and JT have to make way for young players to shine.They are Chelsea legend know doubt but they have to leave Chelsea,if not we’ll see the disappointment they’ll bring to the club come next season.Chelsea 4 life…..

  • John banda

    Thats a sick analogy of the present situation at stamford bridge learn to look at life matter what JT and FL are so important to this team set up and they all know their responsibilities well and the good thing is Mou has already told them what the situation will be like interms of their game time they are not untouchable so stay positive mr writer as i see too much negativity in your life.CFC FOR LIFE

  • samwobi

    Rememba JT told benitez dat he nd d squad hav won bot d epl nd ucl when he is nt in d club,,, Jose is a big coach and they knw dat…. So I gues they wil adjust 2 remain wit d Godfada of EPL.. Mind u Giggs and scholes did nt mek it hard 4 fergie evn when dey are nt playing

  • Abuo philomina

    Pls d special one keep JT nd FL to stay at d bridge cos they r our legend for life!!!up blues

  • mwema sanga

    jose is a greater manager knows to use players,so dont give us uunecessary prediction,it seems you are making ur own stories with no reality.

  • Harry

    Terry’s into his last year of his chelsea contract and Lamps just signed an extension. I am sure Mourinho knows what he’s doing. Lamps will play a bit part role and Terry might see even lesser action than last year. That said the Return of Mourinho can spark the dying embers in JT .

  • Bafa Couture

    Mr writer, I’m afraid you’re nothing but another idiot on a self-commissioned odyssey that is as ludicrous as the devil asking Jesus to do obeisance to him. You’ll fail in this your idiotic mission. Beat it immediately, bitch.

  • shmoke&apancake

    Dear Mr Writer, how ridiculous you are to even write such an article. The most none exisistant story of all time. I dont even understand how you could possibly come to those conclusions… are you really bored? Or are you perhaps a bitter Arsenal/Man united fan? Carefree. We’ll win the league next year. douche.

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