League crown is way out of Arsenal’s reach

We are barely into this new season and there has already been a lot of criticism on the Arsenal team about their lack of top-quality stars and their below par performances.

A lot was expected of Arsenal this season and there was a feeling that they could actually win something for the first time in seven years, but just like in recent campaign’s, their challenge for the title is over before it even got started.

They are already nine points behind leaders Manchester United after the red devils easily brushed them aside at the weekend.

They seem to lack any sort of fire-power and their defence is not exactly the best so in my opinion they have no chance of winning the English crown.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City are all way ahead of the Gunners in terms of quality and Wengers men have no chance of closing the gap anytime soon.

His policy of not spending money to bring big name players to the Emirates and his continued interest in keeping the club financially sound has caused the London club to fall further behind their rivals.

But the biggest problem he has is selling his biggest and best players in recent seasons, I mean who does that and replaces them with young talents or average footballers?

Wenger does that, and it has caused so much criticism from every angle, yet he is still manager and is continuing to stick to his stubborn ways.

They have no chance of winning the League, no hope of winning the Champions League and barely any chance of winning the F.A Cup so the best they can hope for is European qualification and the Capital One Cup crown, because they are there two realistic goals this season.

5 comments to League crown is way out of Arsenal’s reach

  • Arsenal fan

    Since he is the cause of Arsenal’s decline,he should go. Don’t blame the board. He is eesponsible for results on the pitch.

  • weedonald

    Absolute idiotic and stupid post by an anti-Wenger moron! nione of what is written here is based on anything other than cretinous dislike of the manager and a blind adherence to criticizing him. Get a new hobby you dumpkoff!!!

  • Archimedes

    Responsibility is shared. Kroenke’s lack of glory in the US is evidence of his mediocre ambitions. AW social wage structure has back fired witness the difficulty of selling overpaid players, the number of journeymen while stars leave in disgust and that with the 3rd highest wage bill. The chronic long list of injured players is evidence of incompetent medical team. No wonder of mediocre results, the team lacks quality and depth. 

  • Ti

    I think Wenger should leave … He is clearly losing it! He cannot motivate his players, he has lost his nack for getting the best players (squilachi, santos) in the transfer market, his tactics are being absolutely destroyed by other teams and this has to be the worst team he has ever out out…. any other manager would get sacked. 

  • weedonald

    What a bunch of illiterate clowns on this site……go back to LeGrove and keep each other entertained by dissing AFC!

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