Man City "will break the bank" to sign Gareth Bale

Harry Redknapp has pleaded with Daniel Levy not to sell any of Tottenham’s stars if he doesn’t manage to snatch fourth place from Man City this season, but the Spurs chairman has already says that the squad will need to “be trimmed” and that may encourage Roberto Mancini to make a massive offer for Gareth Bale.

According to The Star, Mancini is desperate for Bale to come to the Eastlands next season, and is prepared to offer Spurs £30m PLU the excellent England winger James Milner in exchange.

The Star has been talking to a Man City ‘source’ who said: “Gareth Bale is the one player Manchester City want to sign above all.

“Roberto Mancini knows he is one of the best young stars in Europe and will break the bank to get him.

“It doesn’t matter what he is valued at or how many other clubs are interested because he knows no-one can match City when it comes to competing financially.”

Even Harry Redknapp could see some sense in swapping Bale with Milner as a straight replacement, and also give him the £30m he requires to buy the world class striker that he craves at White Hart Lane.

Bale himself has also pledged allegiance to Tottenham, but if he is offered double his wages PLUS the Champions League football that he now wants, perhaps he could be persuaded to change his mind?

21 comments to Man City "will break the bank" to sign Gareth Bale

  • Michael

    What a load of absolute tosh. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

  • Terry Nutkins

    Bale, to Man City!? You’re having a giraffe, right!?

    Barca, Madrid, Milan etc yes, maybe in a couple of seasons but City? A club which is hardly known outside Manchester will not entice a player like Gareth.

    Suddenly a bit of money and everyone is talking about a club that has pretty much done nothing in its entire history!

  • big fat baz

    Terry,at one stage Madrid,united ac milan had no history,its there to be made and city are in a position to make it,stop being so pathetically bitter.

  • big fat baz


  • smokey

    we should do a deal johnson,richards and given for bale

  • Ste Mullins

    Terry Nutkins ha ha ha, City cant attract Bale??? they already have bigger names than him Yaya Toure, David Silva, Carlos Tevez to name just a few LoL

    Anyway City can attract better players then Bale like Mata and Alexis Sanchez, Bale is well overated

  • Stoney

    The star spoke to a ‘source’ from man city. Whenever those words lead a quote you know it’s a lie. Lower than a snake’s belly morals allow them to write such untruths for which they get well paid and sleep soundly at night. Scumbags the lot of them. I wonder if their kids, when ask what their father does for a living, say “he’s a liar”, that ironically would be the truth. Rant over.

  • gotmy marbles

    No surprise that nobody seems prepared to put their name to this drivel. Only a prentious idiot would present this pile of rubbish as an article.
    “the Spurs chairman has already says that the squad will need to “be trimmed”??
    So the writer thinks Bale is expendable? No comprehension that Keane, Bentley,O’Hara Dos Santos,possibly Hutton won’t be those trimmed. In the real world an article written with some basic insight, might consider that whatever fees are generated will be far exceeded in importance by the savings in salaries. Oh but that would be grown up and require a thought process. On second thoughts it’s far easier to bury the head in the sand and shoot from lip. Please write about something you have a basic grasp of.

  • uwerosler

    would be a good addition to the squad!

  • Tony

    Yes , even Harry can see the value in signing Milner, barely a Europa Cup player , plus £30m. When the alternative is keeping Bale, a CL player, and selling our fringe players – Keane, dos Santos, Bentley, O’Hara, Hutton and reluctantly Kranjcar, plus maybe Pav for about £50, plus saving over £10m on wages.Then buying 2 or 3 CL level players, including 2 strikers.

    Yes, the selling Bale and the family silver option looks great if your ambition is winning the Watney Cup

  • tublu

    bale is nothing but a one trick pony. been well and truly sussed now. city have 3 left sided midfielders (proper ones, not failed fullbacks) better than bale. best i’d offer the spuds would be a swap for adebayor, they really need a striker and we have some spare ;)

  • Jackford

    Bale to City don’t think so, even if he should City will still not win the remiership

  • Geoffrey Simon

    Can you imagine bale,sanchèz,silva,toure,kompany,richards,cahill,mata,balloteli,boateng,hart ALL PLAYING FOR CITY NEXT SEASON?w would b untouchable

  • Surespur

    I say throw in Johnson as well and we are getting near to Bale’s value. Regardless of that though, there are lots of problems with this deal. 1) Bale wants to stay at Spurs; 2) Will his next move really be to a club of City’s stature? – no disrespect to City, but you’re not exactly in Real, Barca, or even Manu U status territory yet; 3) What player currently at City would want to move to a club (let’s face it and yes I am a Spurs fan) which wil find it harder to compete for top honours and CL qualification, as well as take a pay cut?; 4) Do Spurs really need Milner? – don’t think so


    MILNER , JOHNSTONE , BARRY , AND GIVEN + £30,000,000 AND YOU HAVE GOT A DEAL COYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnnyB

    Like anyone at Citeh is going to want to leave. Spurs won’t offer the sort of money Citeh players are on…no-one will. Citeh are going to be stuck with a load of overpriced, overpaid players and one season in the CL won’t cover their outgoings. They won’t gain CL the following season because they’ll not be allowed to enter under FIFA’s financial fair play ruling… you gotta laugh.

  • Clint

    I thought Manchester City refused to do business with Spurs over Bridge and Bellamy, because they were ‘rivals’. So what on Earth suggests Spurs will be open to selling players to Man City. Their policy is clear, no players to rivals, they made their bed. Now they must accept that because of two old middle league club players they can’t sign the best left winger in the game. It really makes me laugh, when either clubs are serious or these are just rumours. It is like the Reina situation between Liverpool and Man Utd, Reina’s pladge is academic, what really prevents a deal is an old argentinian left back playing in France. Ferguson took Liverpool to court over a possible transfer to prevent any sale to their rivals. And when they needed a keeper a few years later they expected Liverpool to kindly oblige. ARROGANCE. = MANCHESTER.

  • bloke

    30 mil and milner. LOL.

  • col

    Bale may one day leave Spurs but not for the third team in Manchester.Whores are whores however you dress them and anyone who sells themselves to rich businessmen deserve the reputation they get,unless Mancini wakes up and smells the coffee even a bid of 50m wont get who he wants.There are clubs players want to play for and clubs they have to pay for it yuk.

  • davspurs

    what i dont understand is City have a player on a drugs bust for using energy giving drugs where is the b sample and why have the FA gone quite over naming the drug and his B sample. The reason i have mentioned this is because i have bean campaigning to have this form of drug cheating banned because Spurs are behind too teams who have a history of using these drugs to play with a high tempo . The underlying scandal is Liverpool got away with it because at the time just like now the Fa Chairman was a Liverpool supporterand it was kept quite they finished second. I kept my campaigning going the next season calling them the duracell bunnies wind them up and they will run all day was the nickname given to them by a cynical European Manager this meant they finished seventh and now they are playing High tempo football again after losing some of there best players just like Everton and others West Brom Chelsea Arsenal have all upped there tempo. I no this is the dirtiest championship and relagation battle i have seen in 48 years of watching football and the deaths weight loss and Shocks are living proof my voice is being ignored and cheats are prospering Bale and other Spurs stars should stay because the new rules about finances will prevent City using a Country’s using its oil wealth to buy success its fourth with shame of a captain caught taking Energy drugs

  • Lodvic

    Levi’s “Squad needs to be trimmed” statement has been taken out of all context.

    Redknapp has inherated the combined squad of the last 2 managers and added to them players with a few of his own buys. This has led to a massive squad and the loaning out of several good players. These players still have costs and value to our club so need to be trimmed to regain as much of the value whilst removing the cost.

    This does not mean the we will be looking to offload our best players, you wouldnt “trim” your apple tree by cutting out the trunk and leaving the branches now would you?

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