Man Utd ready to cause turmoil at Liverpool with audacious bid

According to the Sunday People, Manchester United are looking to do the unthinkable by making a bid for Liverpool contract rebel Raheem Sterling. The two eternal rivals have ceased transfer dealings for a while but Sir Alex Ferguson strongly believes that the teenager is worth the effort.

United are looking at Sterling as a long term replacement for Nani, who has been one of the team’s most inconsistent players. Ferguson is doing an excellent job of building yet another side for the coming years with the likes of Cleverley, Welbeck and Phil Jones learning the ropes and the addition of Sterling to this group of fledglings would be beneficial to both the team as well as the player.

The likes of Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea are closely monitoring the Sterling saga at Anfield and one would expect them to move for the player if talks continue to stall. However, the Mirror believes that Manchester United is a more ideal destination for the 17 year old owing to Fergie’s well-known mastery in the art of fostering talent.

Sterling career has sky rocketed since he got his chance to feature for Liverpool but the club’s inability to offer him little beyond Premier League football may make it difficult for the youngster to remain loyal for too long.

17 comments to Man Utd ready to cause turmoil at Liverpool with audacious bid

  • manc

    No man U stopped dealing with LFC

  • J757

    Could possibly be the reason Fergie was commenting on Owen’s early Liverpool career a few weeks ago sowing the seeds of doubt in Sterling that Liverpool ruin young talent?

  • jonah

    Alex is a fool for wanting to buy from liverpool

  • Bomber25

    I don’t know if there is any truth to this story, but, Sterling’s advisers shold remind him that he is with a great football club, and no one player is bigger than a football club. He is only showing promise at the moment. He is not the finished article yet.

  • Chalmers

    Sterling has not been “loyal” at all. All he has ever come out with is his desire for money and lots of it! I would hardly call that being loyal. Watch his face as he plays and you will see that he is quite the grumpy youngster and his expressions are indicative of a player longing to be away and living up the high life. I suspect we would be batter off without this guy before he gets started on the off-field antics of a reckless play “boy”!

  • Stephen Gannon

    Ha ha ha! Fergie and his Manc-loving journalists are having a laugh as usual. They are absolutely terrified of him, just as they are of Suarez and will do anything to try to cause trouble.

  • Martin Batt

    A contract has not even been offered yet as he can’t sign anything until he’s 18.

    Lazy, lazy, lazy journalism as usual!!

  • Sir Alex should sign gervinho of arsenal, instead of dat sterling. Sterleing is inexperience.

  • Sir Alex should sign gervinho of arsenal, instead of dat sterling. Sterleing is inexperience.

  • Ray

    A few years ago that silly old bugger wouldn’t even sell us Gabriel heinze because if the rivalry…even if sterling doesn’t sign…I’m sure that rat of a club would be the last we sold to…take downing to partner back up with young…scumbags!

  • m kop

    He is still not 18 and you slap “contract rebel” tag on him !?
    Pathetic …

    Wait for him to be able to sign long-term professional contract, at least 1 day after his birthday before you send him to the most hated rival.

    By the way, United is no place for a teenager. They are hardly developing any class players lately.

  • fuwee

    The boy’s an idiot. May be mommy is the one orchestrating it. We should try keep him but the fact that he is holding the club at ransom, we should put a high price plus player. Nani/Chicharitto . Or to Arsenal for Walcott.

  • craig


    We have decided to leave the comment below online so our readers can see for themselves the sort of person that hides behind a keyboard and calls for someone to die from aids just because they did not like what was written.

    More toss from another so called “journalist”

    You are the reason that everyone hates the media. You can’t put together a story of your own so you find a worthless article on the internet then re-print it and pass it off as genuine. You honestly make me sick. I hope you contract some sort of aids virus and die.

    useless excuse for life

  • Karim

    I would rather they take Sterling than offer £40m for Suarez.

  • shane

    I’m a Liverpool fan, unlike some of the other comments on here, I’m not sure why they are so adamant that they want to keep Raheem. 21 games 1 goal, lightweight, not a good finisher at all, not clinical, poor decision making. Need I go on. IM not even sure if he leaves people for dead with pace. I seen m ore trickery and speed in 30 mins from Assaidi last week. Overhyped

  • J757

    Shane. Sterling is in the first team because of his advisors(mum!) threatening Liverpool that he will leave if he didn’t get first team action!Rodgers and Dalglish have tried to teach him some patients! The issues you have mentioned might have sorted out with another year in the reserves!The longer he goes without scoring or assist he will have to drop his wage demands!I wouldn’t compare him with Assaidi who his 24 and has 6 years on Sterling.

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