Brendan Rodgers, the Liverpool manager said after the 3-1 defeat against Southampton that it puts them in a realistic shape about the amount of work needed to strengthen the side.

However he got it tactically wrong again. Liverpool were outplayed and it looked like the Reds didn’t enter the field having done the necessary home work.

Let us start with the formation. Liverpool played 4-4-1-1 formation that could easily be 4-1-3-2 formation depending on the situation. Joe Allen who was supposed to have an operation, played in a deep holding midfield role and as expected failed to cope-up with Southampton pressure.

Those who have seen Southampton under their new manager must know that the Saints’ game is mainly centred on high pressing game. Against Liverpool, they pressed hard and in numbers.

Rodgers substituted Allen with Lucas in the second half but still Liverpool struggled to dominate the game though possession wise, it was more or less similar.

Suarez-Coutinho and Sturridge were not provided enough supply and the Reds looked flat. They had only 10 shots in the entire match and had only 50% shots on target.

Though there weren’t enough players to call upon from substitute bench but Rodgers should have added players in the middle. Henderson, a more energetic and mobile player should have started from the beginning.

Just like the Oldham game, Rodgers and Liverpool had to pay the price for being tactically inefficient once again.


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