Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo claims that his side has got a better team than Manchester United ahead of their Champions League knockout round clash.

Ronaldo will face his former club for the first time since leaving Old Trafford in 2009 after completing a record breaking £80million move.

Madrid are struggling heavily in the league, trailing behind Barcelona by 16 points but Jose Mourinho’s side are focused on claiming the Champions League – a trophy which they have won a record number of nine times in their history.

“I believe things will go well. In my opinion Real Madrid have a better team, but we have to show that on the pitch because United are a very united team and always have been in recent years,” Ronaldo was quoted in the official UEFA Champions League magazine.

“They’re a team that always do well, every year they’re at the top and therefore a team we respect a lot. It will be an extremely difficult match, especially in Manchester.”

Indeed Ronaldo is right here. While Manchester United are still top of the Premier League and could may well win the title, but Madrid possess an extensive squad with a greater depth. The midfield of Ozil, Alonso, Modric, Khedira, Di Maria et al can wreck havoc any time while Ronaldo himself if eager to do well against his former club.

United might have one of the deadliest quartet of strikers in the world at present but Madrid have the overall balance that gives them an edge. Defence is the major concern for Sir Alex Ferguson as they have conceded 31 goals this season in the league, more than any other teams lying in top three of top leagues in Europe.

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