Some of the worst transfer deals of the 2013/14 season

The 2013/14 season saw some very poor transfers, especially from the so called big clubs, though they are not alone in getting it wrong and we have compiled a list of the eight worst ones.

This list is very subjective and some of these players may come good next season, some were injured and some just unfortunate, but when millions are spent on professional footballers coupled with ridiculously high wages a certain return on investment is expected, if that does not happen, then they can be fairly classed as a poor transfer based on what we have seen or for that matter, not seen.

Marouane Fellaini

Not even the most ardent Man Utd fan would call Fellaini a success, not when he cost £27.5 million and made absolutely no positive difference to the fortunes of Man Utd.

Fellaini started on 12 occasions for Man Utd this season in the Premier League, was a sub 4 times, scored none and provided just a single assist, hardly world beating stuff that for such an expensive acquisition.

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