Steven Gerrard emerges as the Liverpool hero in the Luis Suarez transfer target

Arsenal finally have a face other than Arsene Wenger to pin their transfer disappointments on. It appears that Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard flawlessly executed the role of a true leader, when he brokered peace between Liverpool’s problem child Luis Suarez and manager Brendan Rodgers.

With Liverpool adamantly sticking to their stand of not parting with the services of Suarez, the Uruguayan had no other option but to go and have the dreaded ‘talk’ with Brendan Rodgers. While Suarez was unsure of what to expect, Gerrard chose to step in and smooth out the confrontation, by accompanying the 26 year old in his meeting.

The intervention of Gerrard implicitly means that Suarez’s team mates have accepted him back among their midst. Gerrard enjoys a legendary status at Anfield, and his support carries a lot of weight.

While the news of Suarez’s reconciliation sparks doom for the already beleaguered Gunners, the Reds are openly jubilant about the resolution to an acrimonious rift, a fact echoed by Suarez’s new team mate and former Gunner Kolo Toure, “It’s no problem having Luis back. We love him. We all just wanted him to resolve his problem with the manager, come back and score our goals. The manager is very clever and has sorted it out with him. We are all really happy that Luis is back training with us.”

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