Suarez should get what he deserves, especially after the Spurs game

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez deserves the Player of the Year award this season for more than one reason. Objectively, he is the top scorer in the league (22 goals) and has been a phenomenal performer throughout the season.

The Uruguayan is the fourth top scorer in the world (only the major leagues) at the moment beside Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Subjectively, Suarez gets the plaudit of taking a mediocre team like Liverpool to the corridors of top four finishes. While Gareth Bale of Tottenham Hotspur has been equally brilliant and so is Robin van Persie of Manchester United, they were backed by a strong teams which makes their job a bit-more easier.

Of course, that is not their fault, but credit should go to that player more who has to carry the team forward almost single-handedly at times to such levels.

What Suarez has improved more this season is on his finishing skills. In previous seasons, he was bit profligate in front of goal mouth, but this present campaign he is far more clinical.

Also, between the three, he has created more open clear cut chances for his team mates. Unfortunately, it is the failure of his team mates to score goals that gives a poor reading in his assist column.

In defence of Robin van Persie, it can only be said that the Dutchman doesn’t take to many shots on goal. Van Persie averages only 3.5 shots per game while Suarez takes about 5.6 per game on an average. Gareth Bale takes 4.9 shots per game, much higher than Van Persie.

Thus, creative wise as also scoring wise, Suarez is slightly ahead of the other two fellow Premier League players. With so many games left to play, he is sure to cross the 30-goal mark a season which will make him the first player since Fernando Torres to achieve that at Liverpool.

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