Sunderland set for stunning raid on Liverpool

Reports out of Italy are linking Sunderland with a sensational move for Liverpool flop Alberto Aquilani.

Aquilani has only just returned to Anfield after a loan period in Italy with Juventus and while it was thought that a permanent deal was in the pipeline, nothing materialised. Aquilani has since returned to Anfield, however that has not stopped the speculation.
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Sunderland have been a little busy recently and their spending spree does not look like it is stopping any time soon and the Black Cats are reportedly confident of springing a surprise and securing Aquilani’s signature.

Liverpool themselves have just been spending and it may be time to do some balancing of the books, it is not as if Aquilani is a critical component of Kenny Dalglish’s plans at Liverpool and it does remain the the most favoured option by all parties concerned and that is the sale of Aquilani.

14 comments to Sunderland set for stunning raid on Liverpool

  • Ian_Safc

    Sorry , this story doesn’t make sense.
    a) We are now swimming in midfielders and may not now even need Gibson from Man U
    b) Why would we want to sign a “flop”

  • hehe

    even if bruce paid full (media) quoted price for aquilani (14m?), it would be great buisness; aquilani + 3m(?) for henderson ? – as seen as aquilani > henderson anyway ???, hopefully aquilani has impressed the few days he has been back at melwood and the story is rubbish to begin, i dunno what wages he would be on and if sunderland would be prepared to cater for them anyway ???

  • Phil

    and just why would this be a ‘stunning raid’?
    Sunderland have money to spend and Aquilani is clearly surplus to requirements. If they can afford his personal terms (which I doubt) I am sure they are welcome to make an offer. Of course, he might want to go to a team capable of winning something.

  • peter

    This would be fantastic for both parties. The aquaman is good player, but this might mean we could keep Meireles.

  • Andy

    So Sunderland are going to sign Aqualini are they? How are they going to pay his £80,000 a week wages, or match his ambition to play for Italy while not being in Europe? Total nonsense

  • Izzy

    No way! Keep the prince at anfield or sell him abroad! I don’t want him to haunt us in the prem!!! He is a class player but who do we drop for him? Got adam now as well. Kenny you got a pleasurable dilemma mate. Rather you than me lol. YNWA!

  • colin

    great news.. Go Sunderland.. get him!! I am happy for LFC if this happens


    Sell him for £15m and include Kieran Richardson in the deal

  • Chambers

    Have no doubt. If this is true and Sunderland get this highly talented midfielder they will be a force to reckon with during the coming season. They are making extremely astute buys and quietly improving their chances of top finishing. If AA goes there we WILL regret it!

  • Sanjay


  • Red Barron

    Aquilani is expendable, far more so than Meireles who has settled into English football, something Aquilani definitely can’t claim thus far. As long as we get a reasonable fee for him – never gonna get back what we paid but I think £12m would be fair – then we could let him go. Our midfield is getting crowded with the purchases of Henderson and Adam to compete with Meireles, Lucas, Gerrard, et al. Hope this one comes off, we can assign funds to more important purchases like a winger and a left-back.

  • lee

    Who is the iddioot who wrote this article?? Coz he is the REAL FLOP to write such nonsense, on what basis is he labelling Acquilani a flop?? Just coz he was injured or because in the 8 games he played for liverpool he provided 5 assist for goals, and liverpool won all the matches he played in. Or just coz he had a good loan season with juventus? These writers need to look for a job of selling bananas instead of writing nonsense on the web. And to his knowledge 95% of liverpool supporters highly rate Aquilani and want him to play for lfc!!

  • Towson Tom

    Only Kenny knows who he thinks is a critical component in his plans and I think it unlikely that he has confided in the writer of this article. but the indications he has given sugest that Aquilani may well stay.

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