The deployment of Theo Walcott by Arsene Wenger is not working

Theo Walcott has scored 18 goals this season in all competitions. However, he hasn’t found the net since 30th January against Liverpool.

One of the highlighting features of Arsenal’s season off the pitch is Walcott’s contract negotiations that lingered for so long. The winger wanted a better pay package (which he got) and wished to play as a central striker (still plays on the wing) before signing the deal.

Walcott, when deployed as a striker was getting goals frequently as he used his pace to good effects. But Wenger doesn’t fancy him as a striker and he continuously deploys him on the wings, as a result of which it has hampered his overall contribution to the side.

He has made 142 crosses this season out of which 21 are accurate, a 15% accuracy. He has managed to set up goals six times from open play and created 17 chances (non assists) from open plays.

He has scored 11 league goals this season but has taken only 49 shots on target. His shooting accuracy is 57% while chance conversion rate is 22%. He has scored five goals through clear-cut chances (42%) and missed seven from the same.

He is not a traditional winger and Arsenal are not harnessing the best out of him by playing him on the wings. His creativity stats are not impressive enough as compared to goal scoring stats. Should Wenger consider him as a striker more often?

Stat courtesy: Epl Index

5 comments to The deployment of Theo Walcott by Arsene Wenger is not working

  • Mick

    Or it could be that he is going through a poor run of form irrespective of where he is playing. Is Fergie playing Van Persie out of position, he has only scored once in 11 games since Jan 26th.

  • SAGunner

    Walcott can never be a striker in the true arsenal mould – he is sadly short of technique – he looses the ball too often when at his feet and has a weak right foot – neither is he a great winger – in the mould of the Overmaas’s of this world… he is a very ordinary footballer who may count himself lucky that he is preferred over a good footballer with equal speed but more ball sense like Qxelade.
    Whilst the going is good – sell him eand replace him with an arsenal type ball player… he seldom truly gets into the game.
    gibbs would do his job equally well and better.

  • Steve O

    The inscription on Wengers statue should read ‘He played them out of position.’

  • ojariko

    Walcot is not cut out as a central striker, his stats as portrayed above seem to suggest that, but this ignores the fact that his goal drought and lack of creativity is more because he tends to ignore his play in the wing and force himself in the center, which in the end makes him unanimous in the matches. if you could check out the stats for me you will notuce that we have lots of balls meant for him in the wing go begging becasue he is off his position nd leaves the full back to make up ground and cover that position. He also does not track back to offer defence cover hence the many goals we concede from that position because he has to run back from the center.

    Walcot is more devastating and creative when he plays wide and runs behind the defenders, cuts back inside and finishes the Henry style. Thats is how he gunnered the goals you listed above

  • josh

    Walcott was clearly ineffective during recent games like the one against Swansea. his crosses went astray. Once signed, Wenger should only play him as a winger when necessary. Try him as a support striker. Why revert to the old way?

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