Millions and millions of football fans throughout England have an opinion on if Arsenal will win the title, has Arsene Wenger lost the plot, is Arsenal’s transfer policy full of holes and do The Gunners play too much pretty football, but there is one segment in football that really are the true experts and its not the armchair pundits but the bookies.

The bookies make absolutely millions every years by pitting their judgment against the average fan and they don’t make those millions in profit by getting it wrong and anyone reading the latest odds will see that their opinion on Arsene Wenger’s side winning the title and taking the Premiership back to The Emirates is growing stronger by the week.

Most bookies now have Wengers men almost neck and neck with Man Utd as the only serious challengers to Chelsea and anyone watching how a Cesc Fabregas inspired Arsenal dismantled Man City last weekend and Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner put Newcastle to the sword in midweek cannot be blamed for coming to the same conclusion.

At the start of the season Arsenal were not considered a strong candidate for the title, there were some serious questions asked over Wengers decision not to bring in a new keeper, there was the Fabregas saga with Barcelona, injuries to key players and even some shock defeats but as things stand today the Arsenal team on display looks a formidable outfit and the bookies agree pricing Wengers men as low as 11/2 against the 5/1 on on offer for Fergies men.

Another factor obviously taken on board by the bookies is the fact that Arsenal have already played Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool away while Chelsea have only played Man City away from home out of the top sides and that could have a baring as the season progresses.

Like our headline states, the only true experts in football are the ones with a proven track record of getting it right year after year and the bookies do just that, make consistent money based on their opinions and it pays to listen when they make Arsenal as strong a challenger to Chelsea as they make Man Utd.

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