Three Arsenal players that must improve to remain a gunner

Arsenal’s bloated squad needs pruning and manager Arsene Wenger is very much aware of that. The problem with the Gunners is, the squad contains many players who are performing well below their potential. Here, we take a look at three of those players who have to prove that they are capable of playing for a big club like Arsenal.

Aaron Ramsey: He was supposed to be the next big thing at Arsenal. Indeed he was. When he made his senior debut some four years back for Arsenal, everyone saw what he is capable of. In fact, he was a better potential than Jack Wilshere. But things went horribly wrong for the youngster when he had to suffer a career threatening tackle from Stoke City’s Ryan Shawcross. He is 21 and can still become a highly class midfielder but one can feel that his burgeoning rise has been halted. He still has a bright future ahead of him but time has come where he needs to pass another big exam. He needs to prove that he is Arsenal class.

Andrei Arshavin: The 31-year-old Russian came with a big promise at Arsenal. Why should he not? He was one of the stars at the Euro Cup 2008. He took the league by storm, scoring four against Liverpool ending the Reds’ hope for the title challenge. He was destined to do big things for Arsenal. But, inconsistency is a demon that restricted him from becoming a hero at the North London club. Wenger still feels, he has quality in him.

Gervinho: Wenger has tried to transform the 25-year-old Ivorian from a winger to a striker this season. That ploy looked like another master plan from the great manager, but Gervinho is not Henry. The club paid nearly £11m for his signature but is he doing enough to justify his price tag?

4 comments to Three Arsenal players that must improve to remain a gunner

  • redjim

    What a silly title! I can’t honestly remember any time in the last six years when any player has had to improve to remain a gunner. The squad is riddled with players who haven’t had to improve. How is it you seem to think Wenger’s about to change that trend. The only players who get to to leave the club these days are the good ones.

  • Mikel Arteta: This is another that was performing good when he started playing of Arsenal, but now something is wrong courage and zeal. He is not what is expected to do. He just have to improve his potential for healthy of the club.

  • Dave A

    Redjim does have a point.With the players that dont play,would we actually loose much by giving them the option of a free ttransfer.Add up the wages for a couple of years saved.

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