Three things Wenger must do next season

Arsenal’s season has gone from bad to worse and it could turn into catastrophe if the Gunners fail to finish in a Champions League spot in three months from now.

Fans are frustrated with such degradation in standard and chants of Wenger out are reverberating everywhere. The Frenchman is under immense pressure and he needs to change things at the club and that too quickly.

Obviously, first and foremost thing that he should do next season is to invest heavily in the squad. The defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich must have given them an indication about the gulf in quality the club need to bridge. He needs to identify the weakness (too many to reveal) and invest in those areas.

Secondly, he must change his right hand man and other coaching staff members. With due respect to everyone, they are simply not the personnel Wenger needs. They are usually “yes man” type of guys and have no temerity to challenge the opinion of their manager. Assistant managers are needed to guide and help a manager in the hour of need and Wenger is not getting that at the moment.

Finally, he needs to take all competitions seriously. Right now his priority mainly lies in the League and UCL, and he doesn’t give too much emphasis on the domestic cups. But, he has to instill the winning mentality at the club again and for that he needs to take every competition with equal seriousness.

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