Top three under performing players for Arsenal

Arsenal have a long list of players that have the fans asking “how on earth they are playing for this club?” but there are three players that stand out as the biggest disappointments this season

Thomas Vermaelen: While the entire Arsenal defence have under-performed there is one player that has really not been at his best this season and it is no one else but the skipper himself.

Really, what has he done this season? His lack of leadership quality was criticized time and again but what is more frustrating is, how is one supposed to inspire the team if the skipper goes on making mistakes after mistakes in almost every single game that he plays.

Gervinho: He started off a striker for the Gunners and did well for a while. However, after picking up an injury, his form went on holiday. With only 13 league appearances, one wonders what is his contribution for the club this season.

Aaron Ramsey: Arsenal fans must be thinking now, why the club didn’t let him join Manchester United. He suffered a serious injury a few seasons back  and has never the same player again.

Despite making 26 appearances in the league, his performance is nowhere near any satisfactory level.

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