Tottenham ace looking forward to a move to Real Madrid

Gareth Bale is ready to follow his former teammate Luka Modric to the Santiago Bernabeu if the right offer is placed on the negotiation table this summer by Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho has allegedly made the Welshman his top priority in the summer but he will face a stiff battle from both Barcelona and Manchester City. The Spanish champions may have an upper hand in negotiations though owing to the ambiguous partnership deal they struck with Spurs in the summer alongside Modric’s transfer.

In an earlier interview Bale made a clear hint to a move to Spain saying, “If you said to any young player that you could play for Barcelona or Real would they turn it down? Probably not.

“If a bid was accepted you would obviously have to seriously consider it.”

A move to Spain allows the winger a regular chance to appear in the UEFA Champions League and be involved in a realistic pursuit of all the top honours both domestic and intercontinental. Spurs have a long way to go before they can mount a realistic challenge in the Premier League while the UEFA Champions League continues to be a distant dream for the London outfit.

4 comments to Tottenham ace looking forward to a move to Real Madrid

  • Rob

    Yawn! He’s since signed a new contract. Very lazy journalism!

  • Andy Wright

    And where does it say that he is looking forward to a move to Real Madrid?! Pathetic attempt at journalism and rehashing what he may have said a year or so ago. Can you also tell me what happened to the Titanic whilst you’re on such a roll?!!

  • Marco

    Rehashed story, this is an exact story blogged last year before Bale signed a new contract, he is now signing another new contract and the story emerges again, good journalism?

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