Tottenham ace really is living in cloud cuckoo land

The ego has landed back in North London, with Emmanuel Adebayor unsurprisingly declaring himself as the greatest striker in the land and hopes to be leading Tottenham’s attack this season as soon as he has regained full fitness.

The former Arsenal, Real Madrid and Manchester City striker, put his CV out on display for his challengers at White Hart Lane and declared, “There are stats that speak for a man in football. Today I will not tell you that I’m stronger than Soldado or Defoe or Lamela. Do a Google search, you will see the goals I’ve scored in my career,” Adebayor shared in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Adebayor, widely tipped to be the fourth choice striker at the club, said, “We are now four in the attack, I do not know who ranks first, second or third but I know at the end I will be the first and that is the most important.”

‘The Deluded One’ concluded, “Two years ago, I was top scorer and best passer at the club. Last season was not great, it is true. I do not want to relive that this season but there is no revenge or anything. This season, I have not started yet but rest assured that when I start I will be working very hard.”

7 comments to Tottenham ace really is living in cloud cuckoo land

  • David Moyes

    if you consider Adebayor an “ace” then you’re living in cloud cuckoo land!

  • Jamie

    I think most Spurs fans are happy that he’s coming back with a bit of fire in his belly. Nothing deluded about that – don’t knock the guy down until you’ve seen him this season. If we get Ade of 2011-12 back, he’s the most complete striker we have and it’ll be a blessing.

  • He is still here, so we live with it. I would put him into the next cup game when he is fully fit and watch. If his attitude is right regardless whether he scores or not then we have a top striker back. If he stinks then toss him into the bin and write it off as a bad bit of business. What else can we do??

  • Garry

    Let’s hope he puts the work in to contend for a starting spot on the team, or his CV will also read former spurs player. After all none of us care who scores along as the team wins.

  • Antique Gunmen

    That’s the risk of being too obsessed of an ex Arsenal’s stuff. You wont finish in front of us if you used dumped parts, like Ade, Gallas, Bentley & the gang. Focus to improve yourself not focus on your enemy. So typical Daniel Levy. London is white, what a joke!

  • OfftheShelf

    He was the only striker in the premiership the season before last to end up with double figures for goals and assists. If he brings that back he will be in contention every week.

  • SpursFan33

    Maybe this competition is exactly what Adebayor needs to be the player he was his first season at Spurs. He couldn’t stop scoring and had i don’t know how many assists to.

    If he will get at that level again he can fight for first team football at this club. In a 4-4-2 formation with Soldado and Adebayor forwatd could do a lot of damage in the oppes. defenses. But who knows. Let’s wait and see what happens. The team has not scored a goal from direct play in the first 3 games so maybe spurs fans should be thankful to have a striker with his talent as a backup.

    Now it’s 3 points in next game.


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