Tottenham boss issues a warning to bitter rivals Arsenal

Having seen bis side squander a ten point lead over local rivals Arsenal, Harry Redknapp the Tottenham manager has issued a warning to Arsenal that the season in not over yet and that there is still a long way to go.

Redknapp said: “We can still finish above Arsenal. Arsenal can think it’s all over. It’s not all over. There’s a long way to go yet.

“There’ll be twists and turns. It’s all to play for still.

“They’re not going to win every game, are they, I don’t think.”

Redknapp has tried to gloss over the collapse in Spurs form claiming that the current run of bad results is a blip and in that they simply have to come out of it.

He said: “We’ve had hard games. People can look at it as much as they want.

“We’ve played three games before tonight.

“They weren’t exactly nine points you’d been looking at.

“We’re all disappointed to have had a blip at this time of the season but we’ve got to come out of that now, we’ve got to keep going.”

People can be forgiven for saying that ever since Fabio Capello resigned as England manager that Tottenham have gone downhill faster than an Olympic skier, no doubt Redknapp will deny that, but the results do speak for themselves.

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5 comments to Tottenham boss issues a warning to bitter rivals Arsenal

  • Akasueba

    Am sure that Harry is joking infact he is being dreaming cos all what he has utter can not be possible, cos Arsenal that i know cannot afford to loose any match till the end of the season

  • ametgooner

    i lolled reading his comment..”We’ve played three games before tonight”..typical excuse from a club that never play so many games..haha..its ok spuds..gain some experience first ok..LOL

  • Ej

    Harry how can u compare Arsenal wit Tottenham?ofcourse Arsenal will finish above Tottenham you will see.. dreamer.

  • shane

    I forgot harry has top 4 experience? he obviously knows what he doing..

  • chris from Cambridge

    We are NOT bitter rivals. Spurs play some great stuff these days and Harry has done a really good job.

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