Tottenham set to face £120 Million double transfer shock

Tottenham are preparing themselves for a stunning £120 Million double transfer attack from Real Madrid and Chelsea for their two best players, Gareth Bale and Luka Modric.

Real Madrid are set to offer Tottenham up to £75 Million for Welsh wing wizard Gareth Bale, while Chelsea are ready to up their offer for Luka Modric to a whopping £45 Million.

If either of these offers materialise then it is very hard to see the Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, turning down the offers, no matter what he says publicly about the duo being unavailable whatever the price.
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Chelsea are desperate for Modric and will not give up while Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has told the board that it is Gareth Bale that he wants more than any other player and we all know that when Real Madrid want a player, they tend to get him.

Tottenham are not desperate for cash but £120 Million is a serious amount of money and the chances are that the board would gladly snap the hands off both clubs if they follow through with their interest, with that sort of money Tottenham could bring in at least four world class players, it really is a case of wait and see if the reports from Spain are indeed accurate or not, we think they are.

25 comments to Tottenham set to face £120 Million double transfer shock

  • David

    You joke. Chelsea have yet to offer 40 million let alone 45 million for Modric. If reports are true they offered 30 million plus Alex, ie. 30 million plus a “too old and too slow” player worth maybe 2 million. Thus 32 million and I am being generous. They need, if they are serious, to offer 45 million cash—- no installments —and keep their excess squad to themselves.

  • robbie

    If we can get 75mill for bale then modric is worth 55-60 of chealskis money

  • gog

    ermmmmmm hasnt this died a death yet

  • DannyMackay

    erm – does it not seem likely that with £75mil for selling Bale, spurs would have little need for £45million for selling Modric?

    It would in effect then be very easy to hurt Chelsea for their dispicable behaviour over Modric by turning them down again – as the cash would be in place to buy three world class players anyway.

  • Gareth

    what a load of crap!!! If you think anyone would pay 75 MILLION POUNDS for Bale you are as deluded as my senile 93 year old grandma (who i love) who thinks she is Siena Miller! (she really does bless her). Why would we accept 45 for Luka when we’ve turned down 40? in relative terms thats like offering an extra 5 quid on top of a 50 quid turned down offer for your favourite toy/console/bike/car/woman…whatever, LEVY WONT SELL LUKA YOU FLANGE!!! GO cry about how your team is one place above the relegation zone and has as much chance of keeping a clean sheet as my granny has starring in the next US blockbuster…Or Siena Miller has for that matter!!!

  • Tom Mitchell

    Where’s your quotes? Who’s your sources? Would you mind not just joining the rest of the press in trying to sell our best players for us?

  • robbie

    Luka is worth more than Bale, if Real Madrid offer £75m for him he will be sold no question. Chelsea will have to come up with similar money as £45m is no way near enough. He is the best midfielder in the premiere league by miles, probably in the top 5 in the world.

  • Gary Linsell

    We keep on seeing these stories but Levy has made it quite clear he will not deal with Chelsea at any price due to history between the boards and Chelsea are in decline.

    If Bale goes to RM it will be in the Summer but Spurs will expect 100 million Euro cash!

    It Modric really wanted to go to Chelsea why did he not put in a transfer request!

  • Ginger Bright

    If the board were to sell the players, where would the replacements come from? Who brought in Bale, Modric, and the other we sold at high prices? I can’t see any moves for exciting NEW talent from the current management team.

  • Sola

    Real for Bale,n Chelsea for Modric and AC for Van dar Vaart, so who will remain. Man city should buy up the club then!

  • Bert

    David, Chelsea offered £40 million cash 1 day before the window shut which was turned down.

    Love it how people claim to know what Levy is thinking by telling us what is going to happen, I’m sure he hasn’t told them!

  • Matt

    NEWS FLASH!!! “journos” accross the web try to break spurs’ new found form and team spirit, after getting a few good results to show that they really are strong contenders for the top 4 this year. Media tries to rock spurs’ boat, just 3 weeks after the transfer window closes, in desperation for the Liverpool and Arsenal cause, which is becoming obviously more lost.

  • Essexian76

    C’mon Harry stop messin’ about, you’re bored ain’t ya? Take Sandra out shoppin’ for the day and stop playin’ about on the ol’ laptop. We all know that levy’s pissed you off by being proved right, and youre a bit miffed, but enough’s enough already.

  • craig

    “Chelsea are desperate for Modric and will not give up while Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has told the board that it is Gareth Bale that he wants more than any other player….” What utter made up drivel, like you know what Mourinho has told Real’s board, or that Chelsea won’t give up (so now you’re predicting their future actions too?). Chelsea have bought Meirleles and aren’t the club they were a few years ago in terms of offerring over the odds for players (Torres aside). Modric is resettling and will no doubt be offered and sign and improved contract with better wages and an agreed buyout clause to avoid future communications breakdowns. And Bale has already ruled out leaving the club in January.

  • fliptop

    Anyone in for Chelsea’s superstars eh… They are going to win nothing.

  • Why are you so eager for them to leave?

  • Dangerousa

    If Madrid offer 375 million for Bale, much as I love the kid, I would carry him there on my back.
    He’s good but nowhere near that sort of money and not worth as much as Modric either.

    £40million plus I thin kwould be enough for Bale I would want £55million minimum from Chelsea for Moddle, maybe a bit less from big European clubs.


    lets look at this from the new rules that came in on the first of June and right now in a room full of lighall the finacial books are being looked at. These teams are under the microscope and i have heard they will be stopped from trading in the transfer market Real Madrid Barcelona Man Utd City Chelsea and i have heard Chelsea are in real trouble with the finical fair play. so you can forget big transfers in January and beyond.

  • Catcher

    Nice Fliptop, Chelsea are flattering to deceive they are just edging it in games at the moment, but that will change soon, once other clubs realise how to beat them. They have no power in the middle of the park and Anelka and Torres up front dont exactly strike fear into defenders. Tottenham will be looking down on both Arsenal and Chelsea come the end of the season.

  • Bluezola25

    What a load of rubbish. Can’t see Jose buying Bale for 75 million. Another story doing the rounds to hype Spuds worth. The reality is that Spuds won’t make top 4 so will have to sell Bale on the cheap, when he hands in transfer request.

  • Revan1882

    I love stories like this, not so much that they are close to being true but the responces. Come on whom ever came up with this and let us get past christmas before you write such rubbish…. COYS lol

  • biddaveluiz

    real hardly need bale, just signed a similar player in coentrao, 75m puts him in the same bracket as ronaldo, catch yourself on. as for modric, people on here quoting he’s worth 55m+, ha

  • col

    Bluezola25….25? is that your IQ you cretin?. Looking at Torres open goal miss and his lack of goals since signing for you lot i just laugh at your comments.Since that big club Man City blew you lot out the water with their big cheque book what have you got to shout about?. You were a nothing club until you became the toy of a dodgy one and now you are not even the richest toy club owned by a rich man.You could,nt afford Modric get over it and stop sulking and accept you have a medium sized rich owner,no history and cant sell all your seats each week because everyone knows what you are…..not a lot.

  • Gazzaspurs

    The perfect crime. If this is true and the deal happens before June 1st spurs it would be a ground breaking event. Spurs would pocket £120m. They would spend this buying up every single top rated young future star aged between 15 and 19. Only the very best from any were around the world no matter what the cost (at that age the greatest talent in the world today wouldn’t cost than £15m, I think we may have 3 of them already with another one coming in at Christmas) In five years time spurs would dominate world football for what predict could be 2 decades. They would have a squad of 24 of the worlds best footballers and sell all the others and make a fortune (fairly) while Chelsea, Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid and any other club found guilty of financial unfair play will pay the price (excuse the pun)

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