USA stunned to learn that Chuck Blazer their own chief did not vote for them

The stink that is growing daily from the corrupt world cup hosting vote took a very bizarre twist today as news begins to filter through that Chuck Blazer the American general secretary of CONCACAF did not vote for his own country but for Qatar.

Blazer who is very close friends with ticket tout Jack Warner voted along with Warner to give Qatar the right to host world cup 2022 and thus go against their very own team from their very own federation.

That is akin to Geoff Thompson not voting for England or Michel Platini not voting for France or Franz Beckanbaur not voting for Germany and yet this is what happened.

How Blazer can stay in his position is now seriously open to debate and questions are starting to be asked why he never voted for his own country.

What did Warner promise Blazer, what did the Qatar delegation promise Warner and Blazer, the fact that Qatar’s bid was rated high risk by Fifa seems to have made no difference at all.

The hard cold truth is that if CONCACAF would have voted for its own member state, The USA, then it would have been a tie between Qatar and the USA and would then have been down to corrupt Sepp Blatter to have used his casting vote.

Which would have probably still meant that Qatar got the vote as Blatter had promised the Qatar the world cup in return for the Asian head of football, Qatari national Mohammed Bin Hammam not going up against Blatter for control of Fifa.

So nothing at all to do with the best bids but to do with Blatter staying as head of Fifa, wow it stinks.

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