Who can replace Arsene Wenger? – Five great candidates

This must have been the toughest period endured by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger in his illustrious career at the North London club. There are so many problems on pitch and for the first time there is a genuine fear that the club might fail to teach top four. The club will provide hefty transfer war chest to their embattled manager in a hope he will turn things around like before.

However, there is also feeling going round the club that Wenger might step down from the managerial position after the end of the season. In this article, we take a look at some of the candidates who can replace the Frenchman at the club, if he steps down.

Pep Guardiola: “Guardiola’s preference in England is Arsenal,” a source close to the Spaniard said as quoted by Goal.com. Well, there is no doubt that Arsenal won’t get any better manager than him at the moment. The structure is already there for him – big stadium, strong financial health, Champions League (probably), excellent youth academy etc. Most importantly he will relish the challenge here – the challenge of taking Arsenal back to the place where they belong.

David Moyes: What Achilles is to the Greeks and Charlemagne to the French, David Moyes is to the Evertonians, beside him all his contemporaries look like a shadowy figure. If Arsenal want somebody who will work under the shoe-string budget, as Wenger did and yet get results, can’t see any better and capable man than Moyes in England. The problem is, Arsenal have been in this mire for a long time and they have to find a way to come out of this stagnation. His appointment will be a gamble, which the Gunners can hardly afford to take.

Jose Mourinho: Jose wants to manage a club in England but highly unlikely it will be Arsenal. The Londoners won’t be backing him with any ridiculous money and long-term project is something which doesn’t really feature in the Portuguese’s dictionary.

Jurgen Klopp: Klopp is a great manager. Yes, he is. What he has done with Dortmund is not a story, it is folklore. The problem is, Klopp is quite similar to that of Mr Wenger, sans the stubbornness. Do Arsenal need another replica of Wenger, or the club need fresh air of thoughts and ideology?

Fabio Capello: Given a choice any Arsenal fan would swap few trophies with all the beautiful football they witnessed at the Emirates. Yes, trophy is one important element at Arsenal football club that has been missing for eight long years. Capello is a very successful manager at the club levels and he can bring glory days back at North London. But how far the club is prepared to sacrifice the brand of football they were so long habituated with all these years?

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